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info4eco provides independent information and analysis of environmental conditions. We do the hard work with the latest science and technology to give you the best available practical tools to answer questions.

We have developed a sophisticated flood and stormwater risk management system suite of software, processes, and concepts that are unique to the industry and the first of their kind in a global context. This system will ensure that users are better informed to the potential flood events and conditions and the risks that they face. This information will become increasingly important in the coming decades, as climate change and urban infill increase to plan for and mitigate the risk of flooding to existing and future property.

Our flood mapping product uses aerial survey, ground survey, and GIS datasets to build an accurate representation of ground conditions including buildings, hydraulic structures and vegetation. This is combined with hydrology and hydraulic datasets using the latest in data processing technology to simulate historical flood conditions across an entire catchment. This facilitates an accurate model of the flood conditions in and around every residential and commercial property in each catchment for different severity flood events to be developed.

Info4eco uses the latest data processing technology in combination with large data sets to characterise the flow conditions for every square metre of a catchment. The quantity of data and computational effort is an order of magnitude beyond what has previously been available. Our approach is at the forefront of flood modelling in Australia.


Info4eco provides expert advisory services that can customise and tailor mapping and report requests to client needs. As much as we’ve tried to capture the most critical information into our standard products, we recognise that not all business requirements can be captured by even the most complex of single solutions.

If you would like our in-house experts to prepare products such as reports, risk assessment advice and policy recommendations, please contact us to discuss your unique business needs.

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